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What to expect for 2020

Dear Valued Customers;

Happy New Year and DECADE!

All of us here at Knothead hope this letter finds you and yours healthy, happy, and prosperous. We had a terrific 2019 and look forward to an even better 2020.

From a weather perspective, 2019 was a real challenge. From record setting drought to “cyclone” storms and late May snows to a soggy cool Summer, this was all followed by a record setting early Fall frost which took all of us off guard. This frost was particularly damaging to many of our evergreen species. Austrian, Bosnian, and Vanderwolf Pines seemed to be most vulnerable. Fortunately, the frost didn’t stick around for long, and on every tree I’ve inspected thus far, seems to have spared the bud.

Presently, as I write this letter, it is extremely dry, windy and unseasonably warm. All of these extreme conditions are exceedingly hard on our trees, especially considering that 90% of our urban landscaped trees, shrubs, and turf are not native to Colorado.

These harsh conditions cause physiological harm to our trees which in turn trigger the release of hormones that attract damaging insects and pathogens to our trees. For these reasons, it is crucial that you protect your trees through preventative treatments and fertilization which will provide the necessary nutrients your trees need to remain healthy, vigorous, and less susceptible to insect, fungal, bacterial, viral, climatic and cultural stresses.

We have the experience, expertise, methods, materials and personnel to protect and enhance the health and value of your landscape vegetation.

If ever you have a question, concern, or would just like a property visit, just let me know. We are happy, eager, and available to help.

All the best, Brett

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