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Tree Lined Park

Tree Pruning and Removals

No tree too big or too small. 
Our pruning and removal services are performed in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture standards and best practice regulations. All work is performed by or under the direct supervision of ISA certified arborists.

 Tree and Shrub Removals

We offer Removal Services for:

  • Dead

  • Overgrown

  • Hazardous

  • “Wrong Tree in the Wrong Place”

    Or just plain ugly!

Stump Removal Services are also available

From the pesky Juniper covering your mailbox, to the monster Cottonwood threatening your entire cul-de-sac, there is no tree too big or too small.



Tree and Shrub Pruning

We offer Pruning Services for:

  • Pruning for shape, direction, beauty and vigor

  • Pruning for removal of dead, broken, diseased, and hazardous

  • Pruning for clearance of structures, sidewalks, streets, and signs

  • Selective pruning, thinning, raising, and reduction for Fire Mitigation and Defensible Space

  • In accordance with FIREWISE and Forestry Management Guidelines


Tree Removals; Firewood

Want us to leave logs for firewood? Just Ask!


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