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Tree and Shrub Care

Treat the causes, not the symptoms. 


To protect your trees and shrubs, and to encourage the growth and vigor of your plants, we offer the following services:

Deep Root Fertilization

Insect and Pest Sprays*

Deep Root Watering

Winter Watering

Winter Moisture Retention (Anti-Transpirant)

Systemic Root Injections

and More!

The first step in optimizing the overall health of your landscape begins with

a free evaluation and consultation to determine diagnosis and treatment options.

Many issues are simply caused by tree placement in a non-natural growing environment. Many species growing in our urban forests are not endemic to this climate, these trees are growing outside of their natural environments and are under constant stress due to climatic, soil, and irrigation insufficiencies. The Colorado front range region is considered a high altitude desert, not suitable for the natural existence of many of the trees and shrubs we “force” to live here. These unnatural growing conditions cause stress to the plants which in turn causes the emittance of a chemical scent (pheromone) which attracts damaging insects and pests to the plant, amongst other issues. By promoting overall plant health, we can prevent many of these destructive insect and disease pathogens.

Knothead Tree and Lawn Care is equipped with the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to diagnose and treat a wide variety of plant ailments.

Two of our most popular services we offer to protect the overall health of your landscape are:

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees & Shrubs

This service is designed specifically for our front range’s major soil types and structures and contains a complete, balanced blend of macro and micronutrients that will modify and treat most soils in this region. 

--> Slow release nitrogen sources; chelated iron, magnesium, and manganese; along with sulfur will help to provide the perfect growing conditions for your landscape. 

Click here to learn more about how Brett chose the fertilization program!

Insect and Pest Sprays for Trees

*We limit our pesticide use to only treating preventatively those insects and pests that would, if left untreated, be lethal and/or permanently damaging to your tree.*

These applications are designed to treat for a variety of insects and pests that are attacking stressed trees. Some of the most prominent insects invading the front range that we treat for include Pine Bark Beetles (Mountain Pine, Ips, and Red Turpentine Beetles), Emerald Ash Borer, White Pine Weevil, Spruce Gall Adelgid, Japanese Beetle, Tussock Moth, Pine Saw Fly, and more.  

Click here to learn about why Brett only uses organically derived Permethrin.

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