Trees Not Leafing Out Yet?

Have your deciduous trees not leafed out yet? or have only partially leafed out? Do they look similar to the photos below? They are probably recovering from frost damage. Read below for an explanation from Brett. We are seeing a lot of frost damage this season with trees of all types (both Evergreens and Deciduous trees are exhibiting symptoms) from the frosts that occurred in October 2019 and in April 2020. Please see our previous blog post if you have frost damage concerns about your Evergreen trees. The frost damage we're seeing in deciduous trees is exhibiting as slow to partial leafing out. These trees have two sets of buds (one in Spring and one in Fall). The October frost froze the ex

Browning Evergreen Trees?

Have you noticed your Pine or Spruce tree's needles turning brown or purple-ish? Do they look similar to the photos here? Most likely your trees have frost damage, and will likely make a full recovery. Read below for a detailed explanation from Brett: The damage you're seeing in these Pines is the result of the record-setting frost which occurred the 1st week of October. This intense, sudden drop of temperature, that early in the Fall caught conifers of all species 'off guard' before they had even begun hardening off for the Winter. This resulted in the chloroplast cells in the tissues freezing. Some burst outright, others lost cell wall rigidity and became 'leaky' while others became weake

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