Deep Root Fertilization - What Gives?

Look at pictures of your neighborhood 100 years ago - what was growing there? I’m sure you’ll notice it looks a whole lot different than it does today. In urban landscaped areas, seldom is there a tree or shrub planted that belongs in that climate. Colorado is considered a high plains desert, and our native, endemic plants reflect this. Our climates are harsh with dramatic extremes in moisture, temperature, and humidity. Our soils vary widely, but tend to be very alkaline and tight clay. These conditions lead to less drainage, less air flow, and, for our fellow science geeks out there, low cation exchange capability. The vast majority of trees and shrubs we plant in our urban landscapes don’

Happy (windy) Spring!

Do you have wind damage to your trees? How about winter storm damage from the wet snows in March? April has seen record setting winds - and we're seeing the damage all around town. We're busy helping our customers clean up storm damage, let us help you, too! Call now for a free estimate. 303-885-3800

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